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Are you a safe driver?

Driving is the most dangerous thing most people do every day. While many people do have hazardous jobs, they tend to train for it and subscribe to safety protocol designed to reduce the risk.  Not so with driving. Defensive driving requires the vehicle to be operated in a safe, reasonable, and prudent manner. Motor vehicles are designed to appeal to a broad-based market and to perform within the demands of varied driving conditions, however, it is the drivers’ responsibility to know the vehicles limits and how to safely operate it.  Traffic Engineers work to design roadways to mitigate the risk while moving vehicles as safely as possible. Yet, most of our roadways were not designed to accommodate the safe moment of modern-day vehicles and contemporary traffic volumes. Generally, our roadways increased as populations and community business centers grew. Downtown areas streets are narrower and shorter with greater pedestrian densities. The roadways between communities usually followed natural patterns created by game trails or rivers. Their paths were not designed for safety.


All vehicles have suspension systems designed to provide a comfortable ride while allowing the tires to maintain contact with the roadway. This is accomplished through the interaction of various suspension systems involving steering controls, springs and shock absorbers connecting wheel axles to the vehicle’s frame and body.  The body of the vehicle is designed to provide an envelope of safety and comfort for the driver and all occupants. Every aspect of an automobile is a well-thought, engineered, designed, and tested component.  For instance, the engine and transmission have a primary purpose, which is to propel the vehicle.  Upon the consumer accepting delivery of the vehicle, it is imperative to familiarize oneself with all the systems, capabilities and features included and at their disposal.  Once properly acquainted with the vehicle, routine maintenance must be monitored, scheduled, and performed.  A well-maintained vehicle will provide the operator with better safety, reliability and expected functionality. But what about the driver? No engineering designs can replace the effectiveness of safe driving practices at reducing accidents.  Safe driving is up to you.

September 18, 2020

About EZAZ Traffic School

Our primary goal is to provide complete classroom and online defensive driving courses designed to help you be a safer better driver, and to complete required courses to dismiss traffic violations. Our process is fast and easy! Just register, attend, have fun and relax. We don’t have huge tests or any hidden fees. It’s all straight forward and you never have to deal with the court again in most cases. Don’t let the stress of getting a traffic ticket stop you from quickly getting it handled today – register now and be on the pathway to dismissing it immediately!

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