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Are you a safe driver?

Driving is the most dangerous thing most people do every day. While many people do have hazardous jobs, they tend…

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Defensive Driving is a Personal Responsibility

Imagine an existence where driving a vehicle is no longer necessary and the concept itself is laughable to a younger…

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The Psychological and Physical Impact of Alcohol/Drugs

Intoxicating substances such as alcohol or other drugs are infamous for altering a person’s behavior while under influence. These substances…

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ABS Brakes – The Ability to Brake and Steer

Anti-lock brake systems now come standard on most vehicles.  Anti-lock brakes reduce stopping distance by keeping the wheels turning during…

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About EZAZ Traffic School

Our primary goal is to provide complete classroom and online defensive driving courses designed to help you be a safer better driver, and to complete required courses to dismiss traffic violations. Our process is fast and easy! Just register, attend, have fun and relax. We don’t have huge tests or any hidden fees. It’s all straight forward and you never have to deal with the court again in most cases. Don’t let the stress of getting a traffic ticket stop you from quickly getting it handled today – register now and be on the pathway to dismissing it immediately!

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