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Backing up, Safely

What’s behind us as drivers is so much less visible than what lies ahead. Sadly, most driveway run-overs occur at home. Safe backing up requires the driver to look behind his or her vehicle prior to getting into it, again prior to backing and while backing. It is recommended that drivers look back over their shoulder if possible. Cameras and proximity alert systems are a great supplement to looking and watching through rear-view mirrors, but vigilance is still required to avoid tragedy.

Care must be taken in parking lots and roadways, too. One frequent issue involves overrunning a stop sign, then backing up at the intersection while waiting for the light to turn. It’s better to just stay where you are rather than risk backing into an improper place or vehicle.

The driver of a vehicle shall not back the vehicle unless the movement can be made with reasonable safety and without interfering with other traffic. The driver of a vehicle shall not back the vehicle on any access road, exit or entrance ramp or roadway of a controlled access highway (ARS 28-28-891).


June 11, 2020

About EZAZ Traffic School

Our primary goal is to provide complete classroom and online defensive driving courses designed to help you be a safer better driver, and to complete required courses to dismiss traffic violations. Our process is fast and easy! Just register, attend, have fun and relax. We don’t have huge tests or any hidden fees. It’s all straight forward and you never have to deal with the court again in most cases. Don’t let the stress of getting a traffic ticket stop you from quickly getting it handled today – register now and be on the pathway to dismissing it immediately!

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