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Green Driving

Ah, a Sunday drive. The open road, nothing to do but take in the scenery. It doesn’t happen as often these days, as most motorists consider the many costs in time and money of traveling: fuel; vehicle insurance; wear and tear on the vehicle and maintenance and of course – the carbon footprint. Exhaust fumes pollute the air with a range of harmful gases that degrade the air quality.

  • Drive less often. Consider sharing a ride, taking your bicycle or catching up on work while you catch a LYFT, Uber, taxi or light rail ride.
  • Drive eco-friendly. Reduce the impact to the environment by ensuring tires are properly inflated; accelerate and brake smoothly; and refrain from over-revving the engine.
  • Plan ahead. Scheduling doctor, professional and personal appointments during the mid-day can alleviate frustration and help reduce roadway traffic.  Always check current traffic conditions and plan accordingly. In Arizona, dial 511 from any cell or conventional phone 24 hours a day for up-to-the-minute reports about traffic conditions, road closures, transit, airports, tourism and metro region quick reports.
  • Drive clean. When it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, consider a hybrid or electric car.  There are many stylish options now to choose from, and you’ll get that feel-good vibe every time you get behind the wheel.


There are many state and federal incentives promoting the reduction of carbon emissions.  Additionally, local governments are also doing its part by investing heavily in green technology via LED lighting, computerized traffic  management systems and photo optics to improve traffic flow.

March 11, 2020

About EZAZ Traffic School

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