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Response Time: Plan for the Unforseen

Driver reaction time relates to the recognition that a light has changed; make the decision whether to apply the brakes or deciding to continue to brake. A driver’s reaction time can vary greatly and is the first critical component of braking distance. Braking distance is a combination of driver reaction time, mechanical engagement of brakes, and the time it takes for the action to stop the vehicle relative to the weight of the vehicle and contents, tire condition and road surface.




Your reaction time depends on three factors:

Your focus / attention at the time

Your preparedness

Your physical condition



Driver Reaction + Mechanical Delay + Vehicle & Road Condition = Braking Distance

There is a cognitive delay for your brain to respond and send a signal to your braking foot.  Then additional time to stop. That’s why it is critical to stay alert when driving.

Reaction time averages about 1 second. In that second our vehicle travels a long distance.


Formula for Velocity

Velocity x 1.467 = Feet per second

Speed Distance Per Second Car Lengths
30 mph 45 Feet 3
40 mph 60 Feet 4
60 mph 90 Feet 6


Understanding velocity can help you to avoid an accident.  The faster you go the longer it takes you stop.  Adjust accordingly.

April 30, 2020

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