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The Eyes Have it: Keeping the Road Ahead in Plain Sight

Drivers rely on their eyesight to judge distance and identify trouble, so ensuring your vision is optimal is key to safety behind the wheel. Drivers must possess the full range of perceptions including peripheral vision, night and color vision and the ability to see near-by surroundings as well as the road farther ahead. Always keep your head up and eyes focused on the road and scan the horizon while looking ahead and focus on where you want the vehicle to go. As you pick up speed, peripheral (or side-to-side) vision decreases, and tunnel vision increases. Tunnel vision improves the chance you will fail to see something important, including pedestrians, vehicles preparing to turn left, disabled vehicles, animals and more. Make certain to:


  • Get vision check-ups regularly; strong distance vision is critical in evaluating the road ahead and improving response time.
  • Ensure your windshield, glasses and sunglasses are free of scratches and debris that may impede your vision.
  • If you’re over 45, you may notice trouble with near vision, such as your speedometer or dashboard; get your eyes checked if you notice this change.
  • Road safety depend on depth perception to measure distance properly in thick traffic or while making lane changes. If you’ve lost visual acuity in one eye, this may affect your skills in depth perception, so see your optometrists as soon as possible.

In the market for a new car?  Consider one with a collision avoidance system that support the driver’s ability to see and respond to hazards.

June 1, 2020

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