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The Psychological and Physical Impact of Alcohol/Drugs

Intoxicating substances such as alcohol or other drugs are infamous for altering a person’s behavior while under influence. These substances also stunts a person’s ability to communicate properly and perform simple movements such as walking. With this said, it is easy to assure that a person could never drive safely under these conditions.


Little brainpower is necessary to predict the outcome of an intoxicated person driving a car. These people are prone to killing themselves and/or others every time they step into their vehicles.


Many intoxicated individuals are unfortunate to lose most of their sensibility in their condition, and their actions can lead to terminal consequences. Many include a dismal future, unemployment, and isolation from friends/family.


Intoxicated persons lose an important amount of their sense of sight, and this causes them to be careless in their driving actions. It also prohibits them from making sensible decisions and diminishes their regard for others.


Anybody can be prone to driving under the influence, regardless of social status or other demographics. Alcoholism can affect the best of people; by its nature it will alter the mind of anybody who dares to ingest it in large quantities. Unfortunately, actions done while under the influence can’t be changes once the person becomes sober once again.


Many people are changed after their alcohol-related incidents. Many still also refute the idea of it happening to them.


Alcohol is such a dangerous drug because it enters the person’s bloodstream rapidly and has a quick effect.  The time to prevent driving under the influence is before you begin drinking and inhibitions and judgement are affected. Plan for an Uber, Lyft or designate a driver before the effects are felt so you stay ahead of yourself.

July 29, 2020

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