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FAQs – Questions and Answers

For online (Optimized for Phone, Tablet, Computer): Sign up for the course.  Email us a picture of your citation/ticket and driver’s license/government issued I.D. We check eligibility with the court.  Once eligibility is confirmed we activate your course and notify you that you are ready to begin the course.  Once completed, we automatically issue a completion certificate available for download or print and report your completion to the court.  The ticket is dismissed and off your record forever!  Easy!!!

For classroom: Sign up for the course at the time and location that works best for you.  We confirm your eligibility and send a confirmation of your registration.  You bring your citation and driver’s license to the class to check in with the instructor.  Enjoy the course, receive your completion certificate and you’re finished.  There are no quizzes or tests. The ticket is dismissed and off your record forever!  Easy!!! Is there a defensive driving school near me that is low cost quick and easy defensive driving school? Yes!

Arizona Supreme Court License #048 – Approved by all Arizona Courts

EZ AZ Traffic School is not a behind the wheel driving course, however, all drivers benefit immensely by learning defensive driving strategies and learning about complicated traffic laws that make them safer drivers.  This course is ideal for new teenage drivers, workplace driver safety programs and mature driver training.

To view entire course prices by each court go to the home page and use our automated Court Calculator.

CLASSROOM COURSEis 4-hours typically offered from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or a weekday evening 6:00 to 10:00 pm. NO TEST – Just participate.

ON LINE COURSEis also 4-hours but students may log in and out at any time or change computers without losing their time and place in the course. NO TEST but there is an easy quiz at the end that is based on what you see during the course.

EZAZ Traffic School is the best traffic school program in Arizona. Completion of the 4-hour course results in the court’s dismissal of a traffic violation. There is no report of the violation to the Department of Motor Vehicles, insurance companies or employers.


Schools are required to verify your identity with a driver’s license or government issued ID prior to attendance.
Schools are required to collect a copy of your citation.
Students may register online or by phone. 602-346-0028.

Class must be completed 7 days prior to your court date or extension date.


  • You must can register online or by calling us at 602-346-0028.
  • You will create a user ID and password.
  • Pay with a credit or debit card.

Schools are required to verify your identity with a driver’s license or government issued ID prior to starting the course. You will need to send in a copy of your ticket and driver’s license (government issued ID) to either:

Your course will be activated during normal business hours.
Class must be completed 7 days prior to your court date or extension date.

Yes, all sensitive personal information (including credit card numbers) is processed using high level security and encryption, and is kept private at all times.

Attendance is electronically reported to the court. The electronic report is followed by payment of fees and a paper report.

Yes, but only if it is prior to your assigned appearance date.

The course is timed, you must wait until the time on the menu bar on the top of the page goes down to “zero”. You may then click on the next button on the bottom of the page.

Yes, and there is no charge to reschedule, but you must complete 7-days prior to appearance date or court authorized extension date.

Eligible civil traffic violation list or Call 602.346.0028.

Once every year measured from time of last violation date for which the driver attended.

You may contact the court for an extension. Make sure you inform the school of your new date.

No, but most traffic violations are eligible.

No. You must follow the direction of the court for additional violations listed on your citation

About EZAZ Traffic School

Our primary goal is to provide complete classroom and online defensive driving courses designed to help you be a safer better driver, and to complete required courses to dismiss traffic violations. Our process is fast and easy! Just register, attend, have fun and relax. We don’t have huge tests or any hidden fees. It’s all straight forward and you never have to deal with the court again in most cases. Don’t let the stress of getting a traffic ticket stop you from quickly getting it handled today – register now and be on the pathway to dismissing it immediately!

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